SampSharp Server Core 0.9.0

The core library of SampSharp which manages the communication with the SA-MP server.

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Last updated Jan 25, 2020

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Release Notes

- Added `IGameModeClient.RegisterCallback` overloads which allows the arguments of the callback to be provided as an `object[]` to the specified method
- Added option to specify the index at which the identifier arguments are located within natives of native objects
- Added notice to multi-process run mode: "for development purposes only", use hosted hosted mode for production environments
- Added callback name to the `IGameModeClient.UnhandledException` event
- Added unhandled exception handling in hosted mode
- Added unhandled exception handling in multi-process mode for ticks and synchronisations
- Added `IfHosted` and `IfMultiProcess` methods to `GameModeBuilder`
- Updated minimum .NET Standard version to 2.0
- Improved shutdown behaviour of multi-process run mode
- Improved number of memory allocations during handling of callbacks and native calls in hosted run mode
- Changed hosted mode to not automatically redirect console output to the server_log.txt, use `GameModeBuilder.RedirectConsoleOutput()` to reenable logging to the server log
- Removed `GameModeBuilder.BuildWith`
- Fixed `GameModeBuilder.RedirectConsoleOutput` causing errors during startup in multi-process mode
- Fixed garbage strings being returned when no string is set to out string parameters (#323)

  • Tim Potze
  • Tim Potze

Tim Potze

Version History
Version Downloads Last Updated
0.9.0 (this version) (latest stable) 10 Jan 25, 2020
0.8.0 187 Jan 7, 2019
0.8.0-alpha10 47 Nov 29, 2018
0.8.0-alpha8 100 Jun 30, 2018
0.8.0-alpha7 30 May 21, 2018
0.8.0-alpha6 68 Jan 17, 2018
0.8.0-alpha3 23 Nov 25, 2017
0.8.0-alpha2 21 Oct 1, 2017
0.8.0-alpha1 15 Sep 7, 2017